Amplifiers [More]

    EMPA-8250MKII / EMPA-8380MKII / EMPA-8500MKII Power Amplifier EMPA-8250MKII / EMPA-8380MKII / EMPA-8500MKII Catalogue
    EMDMA-60 / EMDMA-120 / EMDMA-250 mixing amplifiers with wide range of output power ratings Catalogue
    EMMA-1025ZS / EMMA-1035ZS 6 Zones Bluetooth Mixer Amplifier Catalogue
    EMMA-825ZSMKII / EMMA-835ZSMKII 250W & 350W Mixing Amplifier Catalogue
    EMMA-60B / EMMA-120B 60W / 120W Mixing Amplifier with USB Player Manual Catalogue

 Public Address Solution [More]

    EMZS-3310A 10 Zones Speaker Selector Catalogue
    EMRM-800 100 Zones Digital Remote Paging Console Manual Catalogue
    EMPG-8000 Digital Paging Console Catalogue
    EMTM-3001 10 Zones Analogue Paging console Catalogue
    EMKP-8001 180 Zones Digital Paging Console Manual Catalogue
    EMRM-810 10 Zones Digital Uninterrupted Speaker Selector Manual Catalogue
    EMPR-3306 6 CH Universal Pre-Amp Catalogue
    EMSS-8005S 5 CH Stereo Music Source Selector Manual Catalogue
    EMRM-811 8 CH Universal Mixer Manual Catalogue
    EMZS-8006 6 CH Uninterrupted Zone Selector Manual Catalogue
    EMRM-812 10 CH Amplifier Monitor Panel Manual Catalogue
    EMRM-815 Fireman Emergency Microphone Panel c/w Message Recording Manual Catalogue
    EMPR-8007 System Pre Amplifier Manual Catalogue
    EMRM-821 4 Duty 4 Standby Automatic Amplifier Changeover Unit Manual Catalogue
    EMAM-8008 6 CH Amplifier Monitor Panel Manual Catalogue
    EMRM-906T Source Player (CD + USB + AM/FM Tuner) Manual Catalogue
    EMZS-8012 12 CH Interrupted Zone Selector Manual Catalogue
    EMER-8015 Emergency Paging Panel Manual Catalogue
    EMRM-907C CD Player with USB input Manual Catalogue
    EMRM-908R AM/FM Stereo Tuner Manual Catalogue
    EMAC-8020 6 Duty 1 Standby Amplifier Changeover Manual Catalogue
    EMSQ-8022 6 CH Power Sequencer Catalogue
    EMPS-8024 24V DC Power Supply Unit Manual Catalogue
    EMBC-8025 10A Battery Charger and 24VDC Power Supply] Manual Catalogue

 Speakers [More]

    E-8DSP E-8DSP Advance DSP Loudspeaker System Catalogue
    EMWT-730 30W Horn Speaker Catalogue
    EMWS-882W / EMWS-883W / EMWS-884W 4" 20W / 5" 30W / 6" 40W Wall Mount Speaker Catalogue
    EMWS-882B / EMWS-883B / EMWS-884B 4" 20W / 5" 30W / 6" 40W Wall Mount Speaker Catalogue
    EMCS-662 6.5" 6W Ceiling Speaker c/w Enclosure Manual Catalogue
    EMBS-3506 5" 6W Round Flare Box Speaker Catalogue
    EMWS-662B / EMWS-663B / EMWS-664B Wall Mount Speaker Manual Catalogue
    EMWT-720 15W ABS Rect Flare Horn Speaker Catalogue
    TH-20 & TU-60ML 20" 60W Outdoor Horn Speaker Catalogue
    EMWT-3008A 100W High Power Full Range Horn Speaker Manual Catalogue

 Portable PA-System [More]

    EMPP-59VM 450W Portable P.A. Amplifier EMPP-59VM Catalogue
    EMPP-58VM / EMPP-59VM 12" 350W / 15" 450W Portable Amplifier Catalogue

 Accessories [More]

    EMV-6006 / 6012 / 6030 / 6050 / 6100 Volume Control EMV-6006 / 6012 / 6030 / 6050 / 6100 Catalogue
    EMHDMI-PP HDMI Femal to Female Join Panel Catalogue
    EMVGA-PP-PCB VGA Panel with Mini Stereo Jack comes with PCB Catalogue
    EMXLR-PP Microphone Socket Panel (balance) Catalogue
    EMMJ-160PP Microphone Socket Panel (unbalanced) Catalogue
    EMMS-309P Boom Arm Stand Catalogue
    EMMS-131BK Adjustable Boom Arm Stand Catalogue

 Discontinued Models [More]

    EMPP-78VC 50W Truly Portable Sound System Catalogue
    EMA-485x RS-485 GPIO DECODER / ENCODER Catalogue
    EMPA-3500 500W POWER AMPLIFIERS Catalogue
    EMPA-3250 250W POWER AMPLIFIER Catalogue
    EMCS-661 6W Ceiling Speaker Catalogue
    EMxx-3302 MUSIC SOURCE PANEL Catalogue
    EMMA-912A / EMMA-925A 120W/250W Mixing Amplifiers - All In One Manual Catalogue
    EMPS-3808 Power Sequencer Catalogue
    EMWM-206MKII Wireless Microphone Catalogue
    EMWS-416B / EMWS416W Corners Speaker Catalogue
    EMWS-358/ EMWS-458 Line Array Speaker Catalogue
    EMBC-3343 4.3A BATTERY CHARGER Catalogue
    EMPP - 88UD - HL - MP3 Wireless / Wired Portable P.A. System with built in MP3 player, cassette Recodable Player Catalogue
    EMPP-88UD-Series 100W Truly Portable Sound System Catalogue
    EMWT-154 Horn Speaker Manual Catalogue
    EMBK-36WS Speaker Brackets
    WS-720 / WS-730 / WS-740 Aluminium Column Speaker Catalogue
    EMCS-643 4.5" Ceiling Speaker Manual Catalogue
    EMCS-M903 8" Coaxial Ceiling Speakers Catalogue
    EMCS-803 6.5" Ceiling Speakers without Enclosure Manual Catalogue
    EMMA-250ZS / EMMA-380ZS Mixing Amplifier with 6 Zones Control Manual Catalogue
    EMMA-250A 250W Mixing Amplifier (Phantom Power) Catalogue
    EMMA-45/ EMMA-60 / EMMA-120 45W/60W/120W Mixing Amplifier (Phantom Power) Manual Catalogue
    EMMA-60E / EMMA-120E Basic Mixing Amplifier Manual Catalogue
    EMPA-250 / EMPA-380 / EMPA-500 250W/380W/500W Power Amplifier Manual Catalogue
    EMMA-3050MP3 35W Mini Mixing Amplifier
    EMMX-8x8 8x8 Audio Matrix & Paging Controller Catalogue
    EMPA-8250 / EMPA-8380 / EMPA-8500 250W / 380W / 500W Power Amplifier Catalogue
    EMPP-88UDMKIII 100W Portable Amplifier Manual Catalogue
    EMMX-PG8 EMMX-PG8E 8 Zone Paging Console Catalogue
    EMMX-CP1 Control Panel C/w Audio And Mic Input EMMX-CP1 Catalogue
    EMMA-838ZS Mixing Amplifier with Zone Selector EMMA-838ZS Catalogue
    EMMA-8060A / 8120A / 8250A Mixing Amplifier EMMA-8060A / EMMA-8120A / EMMA-8250A Catalogue
    EMSS-3406 4" 6W Square Surface Mount Speaker Catalogue
    EMPA-4C60 / EMPA-4C120 4x60W / 4x120W Multi-Channel Power Amplifier Catalogue
    EMCS-531W 3 inches 6W/3W/1W Ceiling Speaker Manual Catalogue
    EMPA-2C240 Multi-Channel Power Amplifier Catalogue
    EMNL2MP-PP Speaker Socket Panel Catalogue
    EMCS-904FP 6.5" Fire Resistant Ceiling Speakers Manual Catalogue
    WS-910, WS-930 & WS-940 ALUMINIUM COLUMN SPEAKER Catalogue
    EMWS-345 & EMWS-355 Column Speaker Catalogue
    EMWM-206 VHF Wireless Microphone System Catalogue
    EMPP-88U 100W Portable PA System Catalogue
    EMVIDEOVGA-PP-PCB Video / VGA Socket Panel Catalogue
    WS-810 & WS-830 ALUMINIUM COLUMN SPEAKER Catalogue
    EMWT-380 Projector Speaker Catalogue
    EMLA-1501 Phased - Active Line Array Speaker Catalogue
    EMCS-512 4.5 inch Ceiling Speaker Manual Catalogue
    EM-WB3 15W Waistband Amplifier Catalogue
    EMV-6005/6010/6025/6050/6100 Volume Control Catalogue
    EMPA-63VMKII 20W Portable Amplifier Catalogue
    EMCS-3606 6.5" 6W Ceiling Speaker c/w Enclosure Catalogue
    EMPA-65V 40W Portable Amplifier Catalogue
    EMPP-68UD-H 35W Portable Amplifier Catalogue
    EMCS-831 8" 6W Ceiling Speaker c/w Enclosure Catalogue
    EMCS-557 2 Way 20W Ceiling Speaker c/w Enclosure Manual Catalogue
    EMPP-88UDMKII 100W Portable Amplifier Catalogue
    R-2003 ROSTRUM R-2003 Catalogue
    EMVGA-PP VGA Panel with Mini Stereo Jack Catalogue
    EMWS-331B / EMWS-332B / EMWS - 333B Wall Mount Speaker Manual Catalogue
    EMWS-331W / EMWS-332W / EMWS - 333W Wall Mount Speaker Manual Catalogue
    EMWS-218 40W Wall Mount Speaker Catalogue
    EMAV-PP Audio Visual Receptacle Panel Catalogue
    EMWS-662W / EMWS-663W / EMWS-664W Wall Mount Speaker Manual Catalogue
    EMAV-2003 2 In 3 Out Stereo AV Distributor (RCA Only) Catalogue
    EMER-55S 25W Hand Grip Megaphone Catalogue
    EM-1 Emergency Handheld Microphone Catalogue
    EMER-56S 25W Shoulder / Table Top Megaphone Catalogue
    EMER-66S 25W Hand Grip & Shoulder Megaphone Catalogue
    EMTS-D1 Gooseneck Table Stand Catalogue
    EMTS-3062S Boom Arm Table Stand Catalogue
    EMGS-644 30W Outdoor Garden Speaker - Rock Type Catalogue
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