EMCS-8036.5" Ceiling Speakers without Enclosure

The EMCS-803 6.5" Loudspeaker offers high quality performance and wide frequency response. The speaker consists of a 6" diameter dual cone type with power rating of 6 watts. The wide range of the frequency produces a sound quality with low distortion. The frequency response of this speaker is in the range from 45Hz to 18KHz resulting  in a wide uniform coverage of 120 degrees thereby producing an excellent sound reproduction for vocal and music for a wider coverage area.

  • 70/100V, 1~6W with multiple terminals, suited for different field
  • Max. Sound Pressure Level 98 ±2dB, Effective Freq. Range 45Hz ~ 18kHz
  • Weight 1.1 kg, equipped with clamps for mounting convenience
  • Made of high-class steel, long-term durability, never out of shape
  • Driver surround excellent damping, provided with high sensitivity (92dB), long life, clear and sonorous sound