Public Addressing (PA) Systems are an essential and integral part of any building management system. Its prime purpose is to provide audio announcement facilities for general purposes and emergency situations, such as public announcements, information announcements, background music, personal emergencies, general building emergencies, evacuation procedures and other essential announcements. As such, an effective building management system must be adequately supported by an effective PA system. Factories, schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping complexes, hypermarkets or even places of worship (and any other public buildings), all need PA Systems.

Our founders, who have more than 40 years experience in the PA systems and sound reinforcement systems industry, discovered a need for PA systems solutions that was tailored to suit the operational environment and requirements that were unique to Malaysia. Applying their experience and knowledge to address this need, they established EMIX in the year 2004. EMIX was created and conceptualized as the premier Malaysian PA Systems brand and products designed in Malaysia to suit the Malaysian market. Yet, although EMIX PA Systems are targeted at complying with Malaysian requirements, all EMIX products are still very much applicable and compliant to international standards.

EMIX PA Systems are designed with two major concerns in mind - that its functionality be highly configurable, and that it is easily adaptable to the current and future needs of the market. For example, EMIX brand of equipments can be used in both 3 wire and 4 wire configuration. This would allow effortless integration with other brands of Public Addressing equipment. Hence our tagline, "Easy Mix, Easy Match".

With the current widespread implementation of PA Systems and the potential it offers for the near future, EMIX is strategically focused on offering a wide and complete range of products and solutions to meet most market requirements. With this strategy in mind, EMIX is constantly striving to be among the forerunners in the PA Systems equipment market. We are constantly identifying and developing new products to meet the growing demands of new technology influences.

To be constantly competitive in terms of features, technology and value, EMIX PA Systems products are designed in Malaysia by our own R&D and products development team. Our products are manufactured locally in Malaysia, and also in Taiwan and China, under stringent quality control to meet international standards. We constantly seek rolex replica watches out the best manufacturing facilities and the best available technologies to ensure that our quality is always at its best.
EMIX recognizes not only the need for PA products suited for the Malaysian market, but also the need for localized manufacturing facilities. Localizing the manufacturing processes of EMIX product will not only improve the cost-competitiveness of the products and benefit our customers with better value for money, but also allow for better management and quality control. Thus Made-In-Malaysia is one of our main objectives. As of 2011, more than 30% of our models are fully Made-In-Malaysia, and our manufacturing, R&D and products development teams are constantly striving to increase this number. We take extra pride in our Made-In-Malaysia products.

Today, EMIX products are among the most widely accept PA Systems products in Malaysia, with widespread usage in various government and private sector installations.

EMIX is the brand and product you can always rely on for that loud and crystal clear message to the public.

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