The EMIX Music Source Panel has 4 models representing 4 different combinations of music sources to choose from. The EMCT-3302 has the combinations of a Tuner and a Cassette player, while the EMCP-3302/01 has the combinations of Cassette and CD (Compact Disc). The EMTC-3302/02 only has the Tuner and finally the EMTC- 3302/03 has the combinations of Tuner and CD (Compact Disc). Except for the EMTC-3302/02 which only has the Tuner, all the remaining models have a music source selection button at the front panel to allow for the user to select which output source is desirable to be channeled to the single output. Finally, the Music Source Panel are powered through the 220-240VAC.

Different Configuration of Player

4 different combinations of Digital Tuner, Compact Disc Player and Cassette Player in a rack mountable 2'U casing.

Selectable Single Output Source

Single source output through a user selectable button.

Digital Tuner with Memory and Scanning functionality

Digital FM/AM Tuner with 5 memory settings and scanning capability.

Auto-Reverse Cassette Player

Auto-Reverse Cassette player with direction change functionality.

CD Player with LCD display and favourite track selections

Compact Disc player with LCD display and favourite track selections programming

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