EMZS-801212 CH Interrupted Zone Selector


  • Built-in Microchip controller makes every step of control simple to operate
  • 2x16 characters Liquid crystal display (LCD) to display system status & messages
  • Easily expandable to 180 zones (cascade 15 units of EMZS-8012 via RJ-45)
  • Dual remote triggering ports (RJ-45 digital ports and 12Ch-hardwire analog port)
  • Digital remote control from EMIX digital paging console through CAT-5 up to 1.2Km
  • Analog selectable positive or negative edge hardwire remote control up to 300m
  • Built-in external ALL CALL top priority override triggering port for Emergency
  • Twin RJ-45 digital ports for easy connection with other EMIX digital devices
  • Software based ID address setting to eliminate complicated DIP switches setting
  • Programmable Background music (BGM) setting with Recall function
  • Flexible front panel buttons (4) for simple zone configurations
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