EMRM-81010 Zones Digital Uninterrupted Speaker Selector

The EMIX EMRM-810 is designed for usage when paging is required for a certain zone or zones yet the broadcasting Background Music (BGM) to other zones are not interrupted. This will ensure that the comfort level occupants (whilst listening to background music-BGM) of other zones will be maintaines. This configuration requires 2 (two) sets of amplifiers, one being dedicated to paging and the other to BGM. EMRM-810 is to be used in conjunction with EMRM-800.

It is standard 19" rack-mountable with earpieces provided and only takes up 2U of space.

  • Multi-level priority paging Mic 1, Mic 2, Mic 3 and Mic 4
  • Expandable or linkable up to 10 units for more zones.
  • Remote zone paging through EMRM-800 from a range of 300m
  • Press "ALL" button for all call function
  • Equipped with overriding control
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