EMTM-3001 | 10 Zones Analogue Paging console

EMTM-300110 Zones Analogue Paging console

The EMTM-3001 is the console unit which can be connected to the EMIX EMZS-3310/A to form a flexible and multifunctional speaker zone selector system.

The EMTM-3001 allows the selection of 10 different speaker zones and has the usual all call and chime selection capability. It is also enhanced with override notification. In addition to that, the total number of speaker zones can be further extended through additional console unit like the EMIX EMTM-3002. The EMTM-3002 Paging Console Extension Unit is used as a slave unit to the EMTM-3001 Paging Console.

The EMTM-3001 Paging Console allows the connection of a phantom microphone and provides microphone level balanced audio output. The EMTM-3001 is designed with user preference in mind. As such, several of the functions like resetting of selected zones and microphone buttons are customizable through the internal jumper settings.

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