EMPA-8250MKII / EMPA-8380MKII / EMPA-8500MKII | Power Amplifier EMPA-8250MKII / EMPA-8380MKII / EMPA-8500MKII

EMPA-8250MKII / EMPA-8380MKII / EMPA-8500MKIIPower Amplifier EMPA-8250MKII / EMPA-8380MKII / EMPA-8500MKII

EMIX EMPA-8250MKII is a 100v line power amplifier with rated output of 250W, EMPA-8380MKII with 380W and EMPA-8500 with a very powerful 500W output.

All EMIX power amplifiers are equipped with automatic self-resetting thermal cut off in the event unusual heat buil-up in the unit. It has built-in short circuit protection. This EMPA series amplifier is capable of handling a wide variety of public address requirepments at a surprising performance.

It is standard 19" rack-mountable with earpiece provided and only taks up to 2U of space


  • Transformer isolated 100V, 70V and 8 ohm speaker outputs,
  • 6 LED output signal indicator
  • XLR connector for amplifier link
  • Short Circuit, thermal, overload protection with LED indication
  • Complete with priority input
  • Support 100V line input
  • Input gain control available located behind amplifier

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