EMZS-3310A | 10 Zones Speaker Selector

EMZS-3310A10 Zones Speaker Selector

The EMIX Speaker Zone Selector Unit is a simple and straightforward product that is packed with a huge array of capabilities which makes it highly versatile to be used in the most basic Public Address System and the complicated ones.

The EMIX Speaker Zone Selector Unit main functionality is to allow for the selection of zone for addressing purposes. Prior to any announcement, user can select to which zone(s) the announcement is directed.

The EMIX speaker Zone Selector Unit can also be integrates with an External Remote Activation Unit (such as the Paging Console EMTM-3001), an External Overriding Module (such as the Emergency Overriding Module EMER-3312) and even cascades with additional Speaker Zone Selector Unit, thus increasing the number of supported speaker zones.

  • 10 Selectable Speaker Zones
  • All Call Functionality
  • Priority Allocation For Remote/Local Activation
  • Flexible Configuration
  • Interface For Selective Speaker Overriding And Paging Console

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