EMBS-3506 | 5

EMBS-35065" 6W Round Flare Box Speaker

The EMIX EMBS-3506 5 inches box speaker is designed and built with a robust white ABS plastic enclosure which offers both durability and versatility. The 120mm dual cone full range loudspeaker with a 93dB output and 106 degree coverage provides unmatched high quality music and speech reproduction under all noise conditions. Maximum output power achievable is 9 Watts. It has built-in matching transformer offering various power tapping connection options.

  • Fire retardant ABS enclosure
  • 120mm dual cone full range speaker 93dB output
  • 106 degree coverage 100Hz - 18KHz Frequency Response for Highly Intelligible Sound Reproduction
  • Build-in matching transformer for various tapings ( 1W / 2W / 3W / 6W )
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