EMMA-250A | 250W Mixing Amplifier (Phantom Power)

EMMA-250A250W Mixing Amplifier (Phantom Power)

The EMIX mixing amplifier has a wide range of output power ratings and enhanced cost effectiveness, with three models; 120W and 250W. The amplifiers are designed to work with both high (100V/70V) and low (4/8ohms) impedance speakers system. 5-segments LED output meter is to monitor output signal level.
It is standard 19" rack-mountable with earpieces provided and only takes up 2U of space.

  • 5 MIC inputs, 2 AUX inputs, 1 Record input, 1 Record output
  • Priority muting for chime and siren
  • Three levels of priority muting: MIC1>siren>chime
  • 5-segments LED output meter
  • Individual volume control for each input, master bass and treble control, Master Volume Control
  • Speaker outputs 100V, 70V and 4ohms
  • Power supply AC 220V-240V or DC 24V
  • Thermal, over load, short circuit protection and siren