EMPA-4C60 / EMPA-4C120

EMPA-4C60 / EMPA-4C1204x60W / 4x120W Multi-Channel Power Amplifier

EMIX EMPA-4C60 and EMPA-4C120 is a 100V line multi-channel power amplifier with rated output of 4x60W and 4x120W. With four separate amplifier in a single chassis and rated power ranges of 60W and 120W per channel which provides a wide selection to meet different size sound system needs.

All EMIX multi-channel amplifiers are equipped with automatic self-resetting thermal cut off if unusual heat build-up in the unit. It also comes with short circuit protection. Multi-channel series power amplifier is capable of handling a wide variety of public address requirements at a surprising performance.

It is a standard 19” rack-mountable with earpiece provided and only takes up to 2U of space.


  • Four separate amplifier in one chassis
  • Rated power of 60W and 120W
  • Transformer isolated 70V, 100V and 4-16ohms speaker outputs
  • Short circuit, thermal, clip and overload protection
  • Indication for power, signal, peak and protection