EMRM-800 | 100 Zones Digital Remote Paging Console

EMRM-800100 Zones Digital Remote Paging Console

The EMIX EMRM-800 is a desktop call station with a discreet and flexible/adjustable gooseneck microphone. It is designed specifically to page/call selected zones (1 to 100 zones or All zones) in a building's PA system. EMRM-800 is designed with a stable and solid metal base. EMRM-800 is to be used in conjunction with EMRM-810.

  • 100 zones call station
  • Up to 100 zones selection keys and all-call key
  • Chime function (Adjustable chime volume)
  • Built-in with 2 different chime
  • Muting function, signal from “LINE” will be automatically muted by signal from MIC1 or Chime.
  • Remote paging for up to 300 meters
  • Able to control up to 10 units of EMRM-810
  • Built-in microphone
  • LED output level indicator
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