EMCS-M903 | 8

EMCS-M9038" Coaxial Ceiling Speakers

Sound Reinforcement, Back Ground Music Reproduction Voice Communication in high quality for multipurpose halls, auditoriums, hotel lobbies, convention centers, meeting and board rooms, commercial retail outlets, offices, restaurants, clubs, recreations, sports centers and houses of worship. This 8" Coaxial Loudspeaker offers high quality performance and wide frequency response. The speaker consists of an 8" diameter low frequency cone and a 2" high frequency tweeter with power rating of 30 watts. The high frequency tweeter is post mounted onto the low frequency cone which produces a sound quality of high frequency with low distortion. The frequency response of this coaxial speaker is in the range from 60Hz to 16KHz resulting in a wide uniform coverage of 135 degrees thereby producing an excellent sound reproduction for vocal and music for a wider coverage area.


  • 100V, 6W/12W
  • Max. Sound Pressure Level 100dB, Effective Freq. Range 60Hz ~ 1-16kHz
  • Weight 1.8 kg
  • Driver surround excellent damping, provided with high sensitivity (95dB), long life, clear and sonorous sound