EMLA-1501 | Phased - Active Line Array Speaker

EMLA-1501Phased - Active Line Array Speaker

Product Description
The active line array from EMIX produces clear, natural sound for excellent intelligibility of both speech and music. With the technology of DSP (Digital Signal Processing), the audio
characteristic of the line array can be adjusted to meet the acoustical requirement of different venue. Other than that, the line array also provides big coverage and long
acoustical reach. Therefore, only a few line array speakers are needed to fill up the coverage.

· Active Line Array - integrated power amplifier and equalizer
· Superb speech intelligibility with natural voice
· Even sound pressure and constant directivity
· Variable Elevation Angle
· Focus Distance
· Adjustable Volume, Bass, treble and sensitivity
· Setting up by a simple remote control
· Energy Saving mode - Standby mode
· Fewer installation points - Easy installation
· Cost - effective

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