EMDMA-60 / EMDMA-120 / EMDMA-250

EMDMA-60 / EMDMA-120 / EMDMA-250mixing amplifiers with wide range of output power ratings

EMIX EMDMA Series mixing amplifiers have a wide range of output power ratings and enhanced cost effectiveness with three models: 60W, 120W and 250W. The mixing amplifier is integrated with FM tuner, USB and Bluetooth Playback. It is design to work with both high impedance (70V and 100V) and low impedance (4-16!).It is standard 19” rack-mountable with earpieces provided and only takes up to 2U of space.


  • Built in USB, FM and Bluetooth
  • 3 microphone input and 2 AUX input
  • AUX output and Pre-Output
  • Built in Chime and Siren
  • Built in EMC Input
  • Suitable for high and low impedance speaker
  • Running on both AC 240V and DC 24V
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