EMSS-8005S | 5 CH Stereo Music Source Selector

EMSS-8005S5 CH Stereo Music Source Selector

  • Five numbers of stereo input and one stereo output with RCA connection ready
  • This source selector is using high quality switching relays which provide electronics hissing noise elimination. Therefore, it suit to be used in professional sound system and also in studio recording environment
  • Muting function is available
  • Muting function is driven by the dry contact mute circuitiy at rear panel for emergency purpose
  • Compact 1U-high with 19" wide metal enclosure
  • Built-in Microchip microcontroller
  • LCD display panel with blue back-lit
  • Eliminate cable hassle
  • This model accepts balanced stereo audio inputs
  • Easily being integrate with EMIX range of public address equipments
  • This unit is suitable for Back Ground Music source selection
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