EMPS-3808 | Power Sequencer

EMPS-3808Power Sequencer


The EMIX Power Sequencer is designed to provide for sequential power-up and power-down of connected audio/visual equipments. The sequential powering up begins from equipment 1 (output 1) to equipment 7 (output 7) in ascending order. The de-activation process begins in descending order from equipment 7 to equipment 1. Through the dip switch settings, the Power Sequencer can be configured to suit various different situations.

The Power Sequencer can also respond to a certain threshold of temperature level by attaching an external temperature sensor (provided). User has the option of setting the threshold temperature level. Once the temperature sensor returns a temperature level which are the same or higher than the preset threshold level, the Power Sequencer will switch on the fan output. Finally, the unit can be cascaded to provide power sequencing for a maximum of 14 units of equipment.


  • Power Sequencing for 7 Equipments
    • Can be cascaded with another Power Sequencer Unit to provide a uniform power sequencing to a maximum of 14 equipments. Output number 7 can be configured to shut off 2 minutes after the start of the deactivation process. This is especially useful when connected to equipments like projector which requires proper cooling.
  • Remote Activation/Deactivation
    • Activation and Deactivation process can be triggered remotely via the external dry contact. Each of the 7 outputs can be configured to be enabled or disabled during the activation process through the dip switch settings.
  • Real Time Temperature Display
    • Provide real time temperature reading at the front panel through the 2 digit seven segment displays when the external temperature sensor is attach to the unit. The Temperature threshold can be configured for the activation of the Fan output. The LED indicators display every output status, fan status and activation status.
  • Button Locking
    • ON/OFF button can be lock to prevent accidental activation/deactivation.