EMAC-8020 | 6 Duty 1 Standby Amplifier Changeover

EMAC-80206 Duty 1 Standby Amplifier Changeover


  • Cater for Six operating amplifiers and One standby amplifier
  • Stackable units up to 24 duties with one standby amplifier, only applicable for single signal source system
  • The highest priority will be given to the highest priority unit and only depends on connection of standby amplifier
  • Simple local configuration and control. Settings depend on two buttons
  • Fault and operating mode direct displayed on LCD panel
  • Selectable between Manual operations or Auto operations
  • Controllable detection time on faulty amplifier
  • Compact 1U-high with 19" wide metal enclosure
  • Built-in Microchip microcontroller for controlling the unit for primary features
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