EMRM-8214 Duty 4 Standby Automatic Amplifier Changeover Unit

The EMIX EMRM-821 Automatic Amplifier Changeover Unit ensures normal operation of a PA System in case of amplifier failure. The changeover unit will switch the individual input source and the output amplifier together which will not affect the input signal of background music (BGM) system. 8 amplifiers can be connected, via 4 duty and 4 standby amplifier which will be surveilled. Switching from faulty amplifier to standby amplifier can be activated manually or automatically.
It is standard 19" rack-mountable with earpieces provided and only takes up 2U of space.

  • Automatic or manual switching function available
  • Individual volume gain control for each amplifier
  • Switching with individual input source & output amplifier together
  • Fault LED indicators for visual monitoring
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