EMPP - 88UD - HL - MP3

EMPP - 88UD - HL - MP3Wireless / Wired Portable P.A. System with built in MP3 player, cassette Recodable Player

The EMPP-88UD-H2-MP3 is a truly portable PA system, it can be used either indoors or outdoors at any demanding venue. This mobile "sound system" is perfect for schools, institutions, rallies, sporting events, trade shows, weddings, places of worship, business presentations and election campaigns and practically any event imaginable. The EMPP-88UD-H2-MP3 can cater up to 300 people. The battery life of 6 hours make it fully portable event at places without power source.

Features ( NEW !!) :
  • MP3 player complete with 512mb storage (support up to 2GB SD card)
  • Direct plug PC through USB to load song
  • Able to record the output voice from portable PA in wave format
  • Selectable sampling rate for recording purpose
  • EQ preset: Rock, Jazz, Normal, Soft and etc
  • SD card supported, able to read and play song from SD card and record directly to SD card
  • Memory storage level indication
Key Features
  • Built in rechargeable battery and AC power supply
  • Built in 2 units wireless mics and up to 2 units wired Mic input
  • Heavy duty housing reliability
  • Comfort carry handle
  • Linkable to a larger system via line output
  • Accepts iPod Player
  • Optional skip free CD player