The EMIX RS-485 GPIO Decoder (EMA-485D) is designed to communicate serially with the EMIX RS-485 Encoder (EMA-485E) through the RS-485 protocol. The status of the 13 input ports at the Encoder (EMA-485E) are transmitted and reflected accordingly at the output ports of the Decoder (EMA-485D).

The maximum length of the serial RS-485 link is tested at 1.2Km. This means that both the Decoder and Encoder can be at a distance apart. Each Decoder and Encoder has individual Address and Group settings. The address settings are meant to uniquely identify each Decoder and Encoder while the Group settings are for the implementation of priority level among the Encoders with the same address but different group settings.

Based on the number of address bits and group bits, a total of 16 Decoders can be cascaded while a total of 3 Encoders can be connected to each Decoder. This results in a maximum total of interconnected 38 Encoders and 16 Decoders. Both the Encoders and Decoders are powered by a 24VDC.