EMBC-802510A Battery Charger and 24VDC Power Supply]

EMBC-8025 is an intelligent switch mode battery charger with float maintenance. It is designed to offer maximum life for battery. It represents the state-of-the-art of today's technology for battery charging. The EMBC-8025 is a 2-in-1 battery charger and switching power supply with overload & short circuit protection. The charging unit is a three stage, BULK, ABSORPTION and FLOAT intelligent battery charger with protection against   terminals reversed & shorted.

At the front panel, there is a large LCD status display of battery voltage, charging voltage, charging current, battery connections and error message. The EMBC-8025 intelligent charger is also equipped with a battery low cut (BLC) feature that prevent the batteries from being over discharged. The   built in smart cooling fan turns when charge current reaches 1000mA. This process cools the power MOSFET faster and much quieter on standby mode.

  • Intelligent PIC micro controller controlled 24V battery charger
  • Constant current charging with Float maintenance
  • Battery over charge protection
  • Battery charge terminals reversed protection
  • Input over voltage protection
  • Input low voltage protection
  • Charge 24V batteries from 10~200Ah
  • Backup battery low voltage disconnection with sound alert
  • 240VAC main power failed and resumed monitoring
  • Liquid crystal display (LCD) voltage, Ampere, battery conditions and error message
  • Comes with 24VDC (4A) utility power supply unit
  • Output short circuit and over load protections
  • Rear main switch and fused ac input socket to avoid accidentally switching off system

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